A Ride Out and Walk In

Will didn’t know anything about horses or whether he even like them, but he liked Morgan and so he’d lied to her. He hadn’t thought she’d make him ride one though. So when she had spurred her horse to a gallop and he did the same, he’d pitched backwards and to the left, landing on his shoulder and dropping his hip into one of the many piles of manure that pimpled the pasture like blackheads. This one was fresh, and Will was certain then that he did not like horses.

Morgan had reined her horse to a stop and dismounted, ran to his side. Oh, lord, you alright? she said.

Will wasn’t sure but he said yes, stood and dusted himself off, smearing his hands through the manure on his jeans as he did so.

Morgan laughed then. You’ll have to get those off, she said. Then she laughed again. Bet when you imagined me saying that, it wasn’t like this.

Not exactly, Will said and forced a smile.

I think Daddy’s got some sweat pants you can borrow.

Thanks, he said.

Morgan took the reins and handed them to Will. He took them awkwardly. We should probably walk them back now, she said and they started back to the stables, walking their horses side by side. It was a long walk and neither of them spoke for a while.

Morgan spoke first. You don’t know damn thing about horses, do you? she said.

Will didn’t respond.

Well, it’s alright, she said. I knew.

Why’d you ask me out here then? he said.

I liked you anyway. Wanted to see if you’d do it.

What you think now?

Still deciding.

Sorry. Let me know what you decide, he said and attempted a flirtatious smile.

Yeah well, get that shit cleaned off you first–then we can talk, she said and walked her horse ahead.


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