A New Opportunity: Urban Beardsman Magazine

I never believed much would come of this blog. I started it as a way to keep myself accountable—a place to write and muse about writing as I attempt to publish my work. However, recently, my work here caught the interest of the folks over at Urban Beardsman Magazine. Impressed by my writing (and my beard, I suppose), the editor of the online mag contacted me. I was offered the opportunity to be their “book expert” (his words, not mine)—writing book reviews and other bookish/beardish pieces. I was, of course, ecstatic at the prospect of finding a larger audience for my work and brauder exposure. It was at the very least a confirmation that if you want to write, and you’re moderately good, keep at it; someone will take notice.

My first article went live yesterday; regardless of whether you’re bearded or not, give it a read:

5 Classic Books Every Beardsman Should Read


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